About us

About us

Folklore ensemble Technik STU ranks into the oldest folklore ensembles in Slovakia. In its creation, it focuses on scenic processing of Slovak national heritage, videlicet customs, songs, music and costumes.


Since its formation, the ensemble took part in more than 2000 performances at various folklore events either at home or abroad. One of the most significant events is undoubtedly participation in an international festival in Orlando, Florida in 2000, where we managed to perform at unbelievable 43 shows in only 14 days.

The ensemble has yet edited and released 3 musical CDs, namely: From album/2012/, As the youngsters dawdled along/2009/ and In our yard /2003/, under directional and artistic oversight of Štefan Molota.

Presently, the ensemble has 68 members.  It consists of musical section, female singing group and numerous dance section. Members of the ensemble are students of both high schools and universities of Bratislava, but also working youth, all of which are united in admiration and respect for Slovak folklore – beautiful heritage of our ancestors.