We offer

An abundant repertory of folklore ensemble Technik provides a considerable variability in possibilities.

We can offer You a chamber programme with duration of approximately 20 minutes, which is interesting especially for social events such as banquets, birthday celebrations, various company events, balls, sittings with Your business partners or presentation of Your company to foreign partners.

In case of being interested in a full-length programme, we can offer You  up to 100 minutes of valuably and artistically processed songs and dances from all over Slovakia, presented by 46 performers. You can find regions of Tekov, Žitný Island, Novohrad, Podpoľanie, Horehronie, Zemplín, Trenčín or Goral in the programme.

Slovak folklore music induces a very enjoyable atmosphere on any social occasion, therefore we can also meet Your demands in this sphere. Our band together with our female singing group will make Your time pleasant with its repertory as it offers up to several hours of entertainment which a rich programme of songs and melodies from around Slovakia and surrounding countries.