A long time ago

It was in 1953, when an amateurish artistic ensemble was formed near the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Having been a variety ensemble, it developed into a body with its own folklore section, choir and a chamber orchestra. Even then, the main role of the ensemble was to cherish, maintain and scenically develop artistic values of Slovak folklore. In practice, it meant processing of folk dances and customs, editing of folk songs and music from different regions of Slovakia, for the art scene.  In the first years of functioning the subject of interest was primarily traditional folklore. Later – in seventies a number of slots were formed such as “From Záhorie – about youth, beauty and love“ (Choreography- Cyril Zálešák, music – Víteslav Volavý), or a slot from northern Šariš, whose agile dance creations are hitherto in the repertory of ensemble.

Many eminent choreographers and pedagogues have left their hand-writing on the folklore ensemble TECHNIK. Along a longstanding choreographer Cyril Zálešák, the important names worth mentioning are art director Ing. Pavol Olekšák, RNDr. Miroslav Kapasný or pedagogues Milan Ševčík, Nataša Heseková, Janka Grúsková and Zorka Martincová. During this period the ensemble represented our culture for instance  in Portugal (1969), in Great Britain (1983), in Andorra (1987), in Sardinia (1989), in Corsica (1991), in Canada (1994), in Greece (1995), in France (1996), in the Czech republic (1997), in Belgium (1998), in the Netherlands (1999) or in Italy (1999).


Folklore ensemble Technik is nowadays an active part of an artistic body operating near the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. It is formed by a Folk band together with a singing and a dance section. The aims have not changed – persistently, the ensemble is dedicated to maintaining, cherishing and scenic presentation of Slovak folklore traditions. The emphasis is put on local and regional specifications of traditional expressions in separate regions.

In 1998, Ľubica Mešková became art director and in September 2009 she undertook the post of director of the whole ensemble.  Within the dance section, František Morong, a multiannual pedagogue and choreographer of the ensemble became its art director the same year. His function lasted until August 2012, when the art direction was returned into hands of Ľ. Mešková. The Folk band worked under leadership of several talented musicians such as Peter Obuch or Juraj Murín, though, for many years under supervision of Štefan Molota (as a guest). The singing section is led by Lucia Turiničová. The costume workshop is administered by Denisa Cicáková.

Essential repertory of the ensemble consists of music-dance numbers from Čierny Balog, Očová, Zámutov, Vyšné Raslavice, Krivany, Vajnory, Trenčín, Kubra, Horné Pršany, Šuňava, Rejdová Kalotaszég etc.

The biggest success of the body was principally a music-dance slot from Vajnory with name “Where the good wine is yielded“ (ch.: Ľ. Mešková and F. Morong, m.: P.Obuch) and dances from Pršany “A bird according to feathers, dance according to music “ (ch.: spouses Morongs, m.: P.Opuch). Moreover, Technik became a Laureate of Academic Zvolen (2005, 2007) and Academic Nitra (2008). In 2010, Technik repeatedly became the Laureate of Academic Nitra with a choreography of B. Morongová:  “Who wouldn´t love you, girls from Rejdová“.


Previous year, the ensemble celebrated the 60th anniversary since its formation with a completely new programme “Technik heap“, which was introduced in great hall in Istropolis.

Year 2014 brought many changes both in lineup and leadership of the body. The art patronage was undertaken by a young, talented dance pedagogue and choreograph of the ensemble, Igor Hajdúčik. In the present, the professional composite author FS Technik enriches repertory of the ensemble with new interesting numbers, with which it will be delighted to please you at the earliest opportunity.